March 23, 2008 at 10:21 pm (Sick)

Bloosbabybro here. The title is Japanese – it’s a greeting that basically means “long time, no see”. Who was my old friend I hadn’t seen for a while? Well, I’ll get to that in a minute.

Being that I had a three day weekend, I made the six hour drive to spend the weekend with my wife. Saturday morning we went for foot massages (technically, “reflexology”). The idea behind reflexology is that different areas on your feet correspond to different organs. I was a bit skeptical about the reflexolgy side of things, but since I recently started jogging again, I certainly wouldn’t pass up a foot massage. Since a couple areas on my feet were more tense than the rest, the diagnosis was that there was something wrong with my neck and stomach.

So, back to my old friend. I fell asleep on my wife’s couch last night watching TV. She came and woke me up at about 3:00 am. As I stood up and walked to the bed I broke out in a sweat, and my stomach started churning. I laid down on the bed, and when my wife came back into the room all I could say was “gomi bako” (garbage can). My dear wife brought the garbage can right over (and stood there with tissues in hand waiting for me to finish), and well, I’ll spare you the details. It’s been close to five years since I’ve um…ralphed. I could have waited longer.

Am I now a firm believer in reflexology? No. Am I less skeptical? Yes.


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