Happy Birthday, Fumie!

November 3, 2007 at 7:09 pm (knitting, sewing)


I finished the Girly Bag as a gift for my sis-in-law on Thursday.  It was a very quick knit.  My main complaint was the lack of instructions for attaching the lining,  handles and snap.  Instructions for handles simply said to attach them.  I put the snap further inside the bag, instead of on the hem and I basically made to straps of fabric for each handle to attach to the lining.  Of course, the hem wouldn’t lay flat and I didn’t figure out how to fix that, but I decided it probably didn’t matter all that much.  My favorite part was knitting that cute little flower.  It was just fun to watch it take shape! 🙂

girlybag2.jpg I also loved the fabric I chose for the lining. 


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When your daughter is desperate to sew!

August 22, 2007 at 5:06 pm (family, sewing)

This is what I did yesterday afternoon.  We bought all the fabric and supplies the day before.  DD#1 started the day by asking when we could start on it.  She wasn’t very happy with me when I said it would be sometime after lunch!  Anyway, at some point I went downstairs for something and found this:


She was so excited to sew, she laid everything out very neatly on the sewing machine!  It made me smile!  When we’re done it will look like this:


After 3 hours of cutting ironing and sewing, it looked like this:


I might be busy for awhile….;)

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