Swasey Cabin

June 29, 2008 at 1:00 pm (Scenic drives)

The drive out to Swasey cabin was a cakewalk after driving out to Dutchman’s arch. This is a cabin built by the Swasey brothers. They’re an important part of the folklore here and are responsible for naming several of the landmarks in the area.


The very appropriately named “Broken Cross Pinnacle”


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Dutchman’s Arch

June 27, 2008 at 1:49 pm (Scenic drives)

Reaching the road for Dutchman’s Arch was interesting. First, I knew from reading the driving directions that there was no description of how to get to the beginning of said road. So I read a few other drives that say at a certain point, “if you want to drive to Dutchman’s Arch, here is the turnoff for it”. Then I consulted my maps for a good long while and came up with this. Drive south on Heart of Sinbad Road 4 miles, then turn right on Swasey Cabin Road and drive 4.5 miles, etc… What I didn’t know was that they actually had some signs marking the road. When I got to the last turn, it said to turn West towards the low sandstone bluff. Well, I couldn’t see a sandstone bluff in the direction that I thought was West. The other direction I could see one, though, so I headed for it. Turns out I’d just gotten a little disoriented, but heading towards that bluff was the right way after all. And…duh…I could have consulted my GPS! I will warn you that the road gets sandy in parts, so only drive this road if you have a 4WD high clearance vehicle. We were rewarded by seeing this:


Just beautiful! 🙂

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