Apple Slump

November 10, 2008 at 1:37 am (food)

Eight apples down…twelve to go. Last night, we made Apple Slump. This was a recipe I came across at Mother-Daughter Book Club last month. We were discussing a book called The Mother Daughter Book Club, of course!  And since it was about a mother-daughter book club that was reading Little Women, what would be more appropriate than to include a recipe for Apple Slump.  This was a delicious dessert!  It received rave reviews from all family members.  I used wheat flour instead of white and the apples are so sweet I think you could use less sugar.  Just don’t tell that to Blooshusband!  He always objects when I say I could put less sugar in a recipe!


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  1. Michelle Henninger said,

    Hi Ms Bloosgrl! Long time no chat! Apple Slump sounds very tasty, and I’ll have to agree with your husband – you can never have enough sugar. ha ha! I’m going to be making cranberry muffins for my eldest’s Cranberry day celebration at school. I’ve never made anything from fresh cranberries before (pathetic, I know), but I’m hoping they’ll turn out tasty despite my inexperience!
    p.s. – thanks for the comment on my blog! I’m very excited!

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