Head of Sinbad Pictographs

June 28, 2008 at 1:18 pm (Petroglyphs/pictographs)

This road is accessed from Dutchman’s Arch Road. It’s also very sandy. I was very glad I had 4WD for this one. The guide said it “may” be eroded requiring careful tire placement. Yeah, I thought that was a misrepresentation. I would describe it as sandy, and no wider than an ATV track. Were I to go back, I would do it on a 4-wheeler. I thought I was going to be stuck more than once! Once you get there, these pictographs are quite nice. My favorite part? There’s no graffiti. That’s right, no one had the arrogance to write their name, through, on, or near these figures. Thank goodness!


Sometimes I really wonder what they were thinking. These have a definite other-worldly feel to them.


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