Dutchman’s Arch

June 27, 2008 at 1:49 pm (Scenic drives)

Reaching the road for Dutchman’s Arch was interesting. First, I knew from reading the driving directions that there was no description of how to get to the beginning of said road. So I read a few other drives that say at a certain point, “if you want to drive to Dutchman’s Arch, here is the turnoff for it”. Then I consulted my maps for a good long while and came up with this. Drive south on Heart of Sinbad Road 4 miles, then turn right on Swasey Cabin Road and drive 4.5 miles, etc… What I didn’t know was that they actually had some signs marking the road. When I got to the last turn, it said to turn West towards the low sandstone bluff. Well, I couldn’t see a sandstone bluff in the direction that I thought was West. The other direction I could see one, though, so I headed for it. Turns out I’d just gotten a little disoriented, but heading towards that bluff was the right way after all. And…duh…I could have consulted my GPS! I will warn you that the road gets sandy in parts, so only drive this road if you have a 4WD high clearance vehicle. We were rewarded by seeing this:


Just beautiful! 🙂


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