Moore Cutoff Road

June 23, 2008 at 6:00 pm (petroglyphs)

Yeah, I’m back with another scenic drive in central Utah and more petroglpyphs! It’s a rather addictive hobby. This drive starts at I-70 and winds its way northwest to Utah Highway 10. The drive along I-70 to access this road was breathtaking, to say the least. I don’t how many of you know this, but this stretch of I-70 is considered the most sparse as far as services go. It’s also very beautiful and it’s a good 30-40 miles of no services and beautiful views until you reach Green River, Utah. There are a few view areas though. Here’s one of them.


While driving the Moore Cutoff Road, this is an example of the scenery.


Along the road, there’s a large boulder with some petroglyphs on it.


Here’s a closeup.

There’s also a panel of a snake that is ten feet long.


A couple of other images were there too.

See the image in the far right? I nicknamed him lollipop man.

And this could be a deer, were it not for the long tail.
Anybody have any ideas of what it might be?


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