Old Railroad Grade Road

June 22, 2008 at 4:07 am (family, Petroglyphs/pictographs)

I’ve been in Huntington, UT for the last 10 days with Blooshusband.  While he’s been busy helping to supply a group of Scouts who were cutting tamarisk out of the San Rafael Swell area, I’ve been up to my own kind of trouble.  As some of you may know,  I enjoy looking at petroglyphs and pictographs and this particular area has a wealth of them.  There is a wonderful booklet of scenic drives in the San Rafael Swell that has driving directions to many of these sites, plus some other very beautiful landmarks.  In the last 10 days, the DD’s and I have managed to drive 8 of these scenic drives.  Blooshusband now claims that I am more familiar with this area than he is!

The first of those drives was out to the Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry, which I talked  about in my last post.  The next drive we took was Old Railroad Grade Road.  It’s only 4 miles long, but if your looking for petroglyphs, it’s a very rewarding drive.  

At our first stop, we saw the Silent Sentinel.

In ths picture, he looks really small, but he’s actually as tall as the DD’s!

We also saw this very elaborate panel of rock art there, too.

The next stop included  the “Daisy Chain”.

And what looks like someone’s self-portrait with their name and birthdate.


Stop three is called “45 Degree Rock”



The last stop is called “Railroad Rock” and it features several historic inscriptions from 1881. These were all left by men who worked on this railroad grade which became an abandoned project.

Also a rare image of a duck.


And look! Someone must have known I was coming!

Edited to add link for tamarisk.



  1. Joe said,

    Tamarisk? Maybe I’m just an idiot, but I’ll have to look that up…

  2. stitchnsnitch said,

    How cool that you’d find personalized glyph graffiti!

  3. Sarah said,

    Too cool!! I love the last pic with your name on it. It looks like you guys had a good time.

  4. Rob said,

    Old Railroad Grade huh. Never heard of that one before. I am going to be touring the San Rafael area in a week and would love to know about the book you mentioned in your blog. Please email me if you get a chance.

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