Good Neighbors

April 28, 2008 at 2:42 pm (Neighbors, Uncategorized)

Over the weekend while DH was gone, I had a flat tire.  I had decided that I would just do my best to change it myself, but couldn’t get the jack to work.  Turns out my neighbors son was outside and thought I might need some help, so just as I was headed over to see if they had a better jack, he met me at the fence and asked if I needed help.  Within a matter of a few minutes he was over there with their jack, helping me change my tire. 

Next thing I know his brother is over there to help, too, and his friend is looking for a better tire iron.  We couldn’t get the lug nuts off with my tire iron.  It’s also quite short, so he brought over his which was much bigger.  Then another friend of theirs pulls up and he comes over to help, too.  So I had 4 guys between the age of 16 and 20 at my house on Saturday, helping change a flat tire.  It was great. 

I fully intend to bake them some cookies or something for being so nice to me. First, I have to survive today, which includes two Dr. appointments.  So there will be no baking today.




  1. Joe said,

    The thing about acronyms is that one acronym could represent many different combinations of words…I can think of a couple that probably aren’t your intended meaning of “DH”! (or maybe they are?)

  2. JoAnn said,

    It must be comforting for your DH to know you have such angels looking out for you while he has to be away!

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