How to Bring Your Neighbor’s Party to a Screeching Halt

April 5, 2008 at 10:36 pm (Random Thoughts)

Last night, the neighbors had a party-  the kind that results in a sleepless night for me and  in beer cans/bottles in MY yard.  Since the noise wasn’t bad enough, I went to bed, hoping the noise level would stay at dull roar.  Of course later, I woke up hearing REALLY LOUD voices.  I looked out the window and could see several people in my neighbor’s yard, arguing quite loudly, and thought that it wouldn’t be long before some punches were thrown, so I called the cops.  I hate to be THAT neighbor, but you know what?  I live here, too.  While I was on the phone with dispatch, sure enough a couple of my neighbor’s guests began to scuffle.  I simply told dispatch what I saw and they had two cars there in record time!  The funny part was watching them scatter like cockroaches when the cops pulled in, shining every light they had in my neighbor’s yard.  I don’t think they even got out of their cars, but whatever they did sent a message.  It was quiet the rest of the night.


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