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April 2, 2008 at 2:34 am (family, Job)

Another intrusion by Bloosbabybro.  And I’m blogging out of turn – Sunday is my designated day.  Ha!

So, I’ve decided I enjoy this writing thing, and would like to resurrect my blog.  On Sundays I’ll just post the same blog entry here and on my blog.  For the juicy entries between Sundays (and you know they’ll be the best) go here:

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So here’s my latest entry:

Elated Insomniac

Great news! My wife will be moving to live with me in July. When she made the final decision on Sunday, I told her I was so excited that my head might explode. She thought I was being sarcastic, but I was serious. This is a VERY big deal for me (and for her too, I think).

So, that’s the elated part.

As of Tuesday of last week my responsibilities at work have changed. I’ve been put into more of a leadership role, helping oversee and guide people who do the work I was doing up until last Monday. Honestly, I’m a bit overwhelmed by the change – I’ve gotten much busier in the past week. At first I thought I wouldn’t really enjoy the new responsibilities and would want to return to my previous job, but though I’ve been insanely busy the past several days, I’m finding I really enjoy it. I feel I have more control over the quality of our product, and am faced with more interesting challenges. I think the new responsibilities will help me grow as an individual (sorry about getting cheesy on you). Maybe it was perfect timing for a change – I had been doing the same job for ~1.5 years and was feeling a bit bored and stale.

So, with the change in responsibilities, I’ve inherited a very hot potato. And apparently “I’ve only been on this project for two days” isn’t a good enough excuse for not making progress and not understanding the history of the project. Fair enough – this project has been open for six months, postponing a solution that will save the company a considerable amount of money on warranty hits for a product we sell a lot of. Due to this pressure, I ended up spending my weekend sitting at home running steady state engine simulation on my laptop. It’s only Tuesday and I’ve probably worked 30+ hours already this week. Yeah, I’m a party animal.

Oh, the insomnia part? I guess it’s the excitement and anxiousness that comes along with a job change (nervous isn’t the right word), but I haven’t been able to sleep since Friday night.

So there you go, I’m an elated insomniac. 


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