Take No Prisoners

March 17, 2008 at 1:11 pm (knitting, Uncategorized)

That’s the point I reached sometime last week with all of my hibernating projects.  They must. come. off. the. needles.

It was that thinking that finally got Mr. Green jeans finished and blocking on the basement floor.  It’s funny.  When I make a big boo-boo I don’t mind ripping back and fixing.  That is, once I start ripping back.  Before I rip back, my project hibernates for a little while, while I anticipate ripping off the band aid.  The anticipation is always worse than actually doing it.  I find frogging to be a quite liberating experience, and if I could remember that every time I’m faced with a visit to the frog pond, I’d finish a lot faster. 🙂

I learned something about my knitting as I worked on this sweater.  My gauge actually changed as I knitted it.  So much, that one sleeve is wider than the other by a WHOLE INCH! As if that weren’t enough, I managed to demonstrate my inability to count and had one more cable repeat on the cuff of one sleeve than the other AFTER I’D COUNTED THE REPEATS ON THE FIRST CUFF SEVERAL TIMES.  So it sat in the corner of my living room, taunting me from it’s time-out spot. I finally decided to rip back the extra cable repeat since both sleeves were adequately long and to really stretch out the narrower sleeve while blocking to see if that helped.  Next will be elastic thread to tighten up the wider sleeve.  You can’t taunt me, Mr. Greenjeans!

Be warned, Hawser Sweater, you’re next!


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