Fourth Graders Have No Fear When Dyeing with Kool Aid

February 24, 2008 at 1:58 am (Dyeing)

That’s one lesson I learned yesterday when I did some Kool Aid dyeing with DD #1’s class today.  I worked with them in groups of 9 and let them have free rein as to the colors of dyes they mixed up.  They worked in groups of 3 and each group mixed up their own dye solution and applied it to the yarn.  I explained to them that they would want to be thoughtful about what flavors they combined.  For example, red and green would most likely turn some form of brown, etc…

A few things I learned:

1.  Fourth graders will ignore what you say about color theory and come up with odd mixtures that turn out really cool in the dye pot.

2.  Arctic Green Apple Kool Aid mixed with Pink Lemonade makes bubblegum pink.  Who woulda thought?

3.  Olive green can be made by combining Orange with Lemon-Lime.

4.  When you buy rubber gloves and the package says 12, check to see if that is pairs or single gloves.  I bought three packs of 12, thinking that meant PAIRS, only to discover with my second group it meant SINGLE gloves! 

5.  Baking soda mixed with water and used like hand soap will remove unsightly Kool Aid stains from your hands.

6.  Fourth grade boys will steal packets of Kool Aid when you’re not looking! (LOL- I made them put it back, but I couldn’t be TOO angry over a 20-cent packet of Kool Aid!  It was actually hard to not laugh at them.)

7.  Write down each dye recipe.  Because of their fearlessness in combining colors they will come up with really cool colors you will want to duplicate and you will NOT remember how they did it.  You will forget it all in the busyness of cleaning up, telling the boys to stay out of the ginormous bin of rubber balls that occupies the room you are in, confiscating rubber gloves that are being blown up like balloons and reclaiming stolen Kool Aid packets. 

8.  Fourth graders have their own name for yarn swift- Yarny-go-round!

We had a lot of fun!  I think it was a hit with the kids, too.  DD #1 came home and told me that one of her friends said my mini-class was her fave and when I dropped DD #1 off at another friend’s house for a sleepover,  said friend greeted me by saying, “You’re class today was really cool! ”

Here are pictures of each group’s results. 


Here is the yarn from group one.  I think I will call it Grape Ape.


Here’s group two’s yarn.  I’m calling it Amber Waves of Grain.


Group three.  I wanted to call it Jolly Green Giant, but once it dried it made me think of the beginning of spring when everything starts to turn green.  I will call it Think Spring.

Monday I will post with pictures of the yarn re-skeined and knitted swatches.  Would you believe the kids wanted to see a sample of their yarn knitted?  Meanwhile, I better clear out before Babybloosbro invades tomorrow.  Wouldn’t want engine grease on the yarn! LOL



  1. indianananaknits said,

    What great fun!! I love the results. I’d take any of them! 🙂

  2. stitchnsnitch said,

    The Grape Ape is pretty, but I also like the Think Spring. You’re definitely going to get the “cool Mom” award! 🙂

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