Who are you, what have you done with Bloosgrl, and what is that thing?

February 17, 2008 at 3:35 pm (Music)

First of all, I should start by mentioning that I am not Bloosgrl. Bloosgrl is my oldest sibling and she has invited me to be a weekly guest on her blog. Sorry, no knitting info from me. Probably mainly entries about music, cars, engines/fuels (especially diesel), and maybe some joys/pains of cross-cultural marriage. Nice to meet you. You can call me Bloosbabybro.

Bloosgrl and I both enjoy good music. We also enjoying finding artists who are new to us and sharing our finds with each other. One of those recent finds is Andy McKee. His song, “Rylynn”, is one of the most beautiful pieces of music I’ve ever heard. A video of him playing his song “Drifting” has over 11.5 million views on Youtube.

Check out this link of him playing “The Friend I Never Met”, a harp guitar tune. Andy isn’t the first person to play a harp guitar, but I had never seen one until I started getting into his music. “The Friend I Never Met” is dedicated to Michael Hedges who was also a very gifted guitarist and harp guitarist.

Enjoy and see you next week!


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  1. indianananaknits said,

    Great fun hearing from Bloosbabybro! The harp guitar looks like quite a piece of machinery to master! Thanks for sharing your music. I look forward to next week. 🙂

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