Wallaby/Hawser EPS Hybrid Sweater

February 12, 2008 at 3:40 pm (knitting)

You all know how frustrating the Wonderful Wallaby Sweater was for me to knit.  I’m such a sucker for my kids!  DD#2 asked if I would knit one for her, and well…..I said yes!  I just couldn’t look into those sweet brown eyes and tell her no. I’m a sucker!

I really did not want to knit this pattern again.  Not. Ever.  Here’s how I solved my problem.  I decided to make a Wallaby-styled Elizabeth Percentage System Sweater.  The Reader’s Digest of what that is?  You start with the chest measurement, we’ll call that A.  Then you calculate, based on your stitches per inch, how many stitches around your sweater needs to be.  Other parts of the sweater, like the sleeves or neckline are simply a percentage of A!  How easy is that?  It also just so happens that the second group of lessons in Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Knitting Workshop is for making a sweater with a hawser pattern around the neck, which I wanted to do.  So now, I’m knitting a basic pullover EPS with pouch pocket from the Wonderful Wallaby and the hawser pattern around the neckline and sleeves.   I decided that since I felt a little tentative about my color choices and where I put them in the colorwork, that the cuff of each sleeve would be a great way to swatch it.  My first try didn’t look right, I like my second attempt much better.


I knew it looked pretty good when I showed it to some of DD#1’s friends on Sunday when they were all in my kitchen and they all went, “OOOOHHHH!” at the same time.


1 Comment

  1. Stitch-n-Snitch said,

    I can see why they OOOHed!! 🙂

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