Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Knitting Workshop

February 8, 2008 at 2:04 pm (knitting)


About a week ago, I finished the first project from EZ’s  Knitting Workshop.  It’s a simple hat with a little Scandinavian colorwork.  It was really fun to knit and I learned so much from the book and the DVD.

I especially loved the crown decreases on the top.  I would never have known it was as simple as knitting two together in the same place every time!




  1. Katie said,

    Nice! I love your choice of colors.

  2. indianananaknits said,

    It is beautiful, Sweetie Pie!!! You did a great job! The colors are wonderful.

  3. Diane said,

    I borrowed the video “Knitting Workshop” by EZ from my local library. I am following the video tutorial, and I am working on the same hat. Unfortunately, the library does not have the book which accompanies the video series. As a result, I am at a loss as to what size circular needles I should be using for the hat project. Unfortunately, she does not mention what size needles to use in the video. Does anyone have that information? Thanks!

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