A Tale of Two Scarves

January 3, 2008 at 7:08 pm (knitting)

This is a story of two scarves, one of them will never be. 

My “little gray cells” were clearly not working for me yesterday.  I woke up and remembered that we are celebrating my MIL’s birthday this Sunday and thought, ” I know, I’ll knit her a scarf!”

So off to the yarn shop I went.  I had a few other things to pick up, anyway.  Anyway, I bought some Ella Rae Classic Print.  It was a combination of hot pink, purple and red.

Not my favorite colors, but she loves pink, so I thought she might like it. 

Fast forward to last night…..

After two hours of trying different stitch patterns,  I put it away for the night.  The color changes are very short and everything I knitted up looked ugly, except for the tweed mock rib, but that curled!  The longer I knitted, the uglier it looked. 

 This morning I tried one more pattern, decided it looked like a really ugly granny square, put the yarn away and decided to cast on for another scarflet in Berrocco Chinchilla.  I seem to be able to make those without any trouble.  Now  why didn’t I think of that yesterday?  I could have it done by now. 🙂


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