So Glad to be Done with Holiday Knitting!

December 24, 2007 at 2:58 pm (food, knitting)

I decided this Christmas I wouldn’t be knitting many presents for friends and family.  All I did was two washcloths for my niece and four for a couple of friends.  I’m so glad to be done with those!  My hands were really aching after knitting all that cotton yarn.  It felt so good to pick up DH’s Cabled Sweater Vest from Men In Knits!  Paton’s Classic Wool Merino (in Natural Mix) is much easier on the hands and wrists- even with the cables!

And since I’m done with all my shopping, I’ve just been doing my cooking and baking for treats for the neighbors at a leisurely pace over the last few days. 

I discovered a new recipe for fudge.  My Mom’s recipe, for some reason wouldn’t set up anymore.  So I found a new one on Allrecipes. It sets up perfectly, tastes really good, and you cook it in the microwave. 🙂 Easy and good. I always like it when cooking happens that way!


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