Another Keyhole Scarflet

November 30, 2007 at 2:20 pm (knitting)


Okay, I just really love Chinchilla yarn for scarves!  It’s so soft, which makes it perfect for the tender skin on your neck.  Plus, it drapes very nicely. 

Pattern: Keyhole Scarflet

Modifications:  I knitted this one in garter instead of stockinette.  I liked the garter stitch better for two reasons.  One, it didn’t curl at all.  Two, in stockinette, you can’t tell the difference between the wrong side and right side, which made it hard to know if I was on a K row or a P row.  The yarn is too shaggy for that.

My next experiment with this yarn will be this scarf.

Oh, I was so excited last night because I thought I had finished the hood for DD#1’s Wallaby.  Wouldn’t ya know?  The pattern says to knit 9 inches of length for the hood.  I had my daughter try it on today and it still needs another 3 inches before it will fit her head.  It would have to hurl one final insult at me before I finish.


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  1. indianananaknits said,

    Really pretty. I think I should try one. 🙂

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