Wallaby Update

November 18, 2007 at 2:57 pm (knitting, Uncategorized)

Well, I’ve decided which knitting goddess’s wisdom to use to finish my woeful Wonderful Wallaby.  As much as I love Ann Budd, her Knitter’s Handy Book of Sweater Patterns would only have helped if I had started out with her instructions.  So I have decided to go with the raglan sweater instructions in Knitting Without Tears and information on Elizabeth’s Percentage Sweater.  After looking at both, I think if I had just kept decreasing beyond what the Woeful  Wonderful Wallaby pattern says, rather than frogging my sweater back to the armpits, I probably would have been okay.  Of course I was down to the last ten inches of my yarn.  Now I can add a stripe of the contrast color I used for the pocket, keep knitting until I have decreased enough, do the hood in the contrast color like I originally planned and get this sweater that has been making me sweat OFF MY NEEDLES!  I’ve noticed that someone has been searching for Wallaby help over the last several days.  My advice to you is, don’t knit this pattern!  If you decide to anyway, get your hands on a copy of Knitting Without Tears. You will need it to help you finish this pattern.


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