One Gigantic Tink and an Easy, Mindless FO

November 13, 2007 at 3:45 pm (knitting)

Today, I started tinking the Wonderful Wallaby back to where I joined the sleeves to the body.  It makes me want to break fragile items!  I did see a news story about that once.  People who would buy various breakable items like dishes and throw them against the side of their houses to deal with their anger.  I think I would be angrier afterward at having to deal with the mess! 🙂

In the midst of this frustration, I’ve had some great successes, too.  A couple of days ago, I finished the Faithful Companion Headband.  I made it from some leftover Panda Cotton in Strawberries and Limes.  I was a little worried when it was done, because it looked so teeny.  Turns out that it’s very stretchy and stays in place!



1 Comment

  1. Linda said,

    Love the headband!

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