Seafoam Shawl Finished

October 15, 2007 at 3:28 pm (knitting, Uncategorized)

seafoamshawl1.jpgI thought I would finish this project in a couple of days, but in truth it took me a few weeks! 🙂  Anyway, it’s done. 

Here are the stats:

Yarn:  Panda Cotton, Strawberries and Limes

Pattern:  Seafoam Shawl from One Skein Wonders

I think this pattern makes a very small shawl.  The pattern says to stop at 44 inches wide.  I stopped at 41 inches, and I don’t think the extra three inches of width would have helped much.  Oh well, it will fit my daughters nicely! I would also mention to anyone making this that the row of yarn over eyelets across the top do not match the ones along the sides.  Maybe I can remedy that by blocking…

I’ve also been working on a Wonderful Wallaby Sweater for DD #1’s birthday.  Aside from the pattern being more than amply sized-as in the sleeve was 12 inches around for a children’s size 12 , I’ve been very impressed.  I fused the top of the pouch pocket to the body of the sweater last night and it was VERY COOL! 

Here’s the front:


Here’s the back:




  1. Linda said,

    Beautiful job on everything, Sweetie Pie! I’m proud of you! 🙂

  2. Stitch-n-Snitch said,

    You’ve gotta love how that pocket goes on! 🙂

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